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the Opposition Says About Blood Type Diets

Those who oppose the blood type diet theory claim they have sufficient evidence supporting their belief; however, again, there is no real scientific or medical research evidence to disprove the theory. Again, do a search for the opposition and find many who support the opposing claim as well. The opposition’s main concern is the lack of nutrition balance in the type A and type O diets and the opposition feels that the blood type diets should not be followed for long periods. A newsletter put out by the Harvard Medical School recently cites the lack of scientific evidence for such diets. They question the theory asking what may happen if more than one blood type shows up in a family. This type of reasoning looks at two parents, where one may be (for an example) type O blood, and the other type A. No matter what blood type the child turns out to be, either A or O, it is believed they still have the predisposition of the same behavior as each parent’s blood type.

Therefore, it is difficult to assume that a child with a parent with a different blood type as theirs would benefit from such a strict diet. They further reason that the diet may be beneficial if, and this is a big if, every single family member has the same blood type, and the blood type was handed down through the years from generation to generation. But this is rare, blood types vary as much as skin and hair color.

No diet is one hundred percent great without doing other things to live a healthy lifestyle. Diet is just a piece of the whole puzzle that makes up a complete person. Just choosing sensible foods is a start, meaning to choose fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and to stay away from processed and refined foods. Break bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. Sedentary lifestyles are unhealthy. People need to get up and move around in order to be healthy. Exercise is often overlooked and should be a part of every healthy regimen, even for those with limited physical mobility, being physically active is necessary. If there are physical limitations, seek the help of a physical therapist or a gym instructor to come up with an exercise routine just for you. Dieting, exercising, and healthy lifestyle choices all work together to make a person healthy and whole. Drinking plenty of water with any diet is a must too. Water helps to digest the foods and helps to clean the body. All these things work together, and in doing all of these things together you become healthier faster, reaching your health and fitness goals quicker.

Peter D’Adamo believes that if a person wishes to lose weight they need to eat foods that agree with their blood type, see his book Eat Right for Your Type. D’Adamo would be well served if he would run some actual scientific studies and clinical trials to prove his beliefs. Many people go on his diet and claim it helps, however to draw your own conclusions, you need to test it out for yourself. As with anything having to do with your health, always seek the advice of your healthcare provider before trying any new diet or exercise routine.