My Fast Beach Diet diary

So, now that you have a real feel for the Fast Beach Diet, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. What happens on a day-to-day basis? What can you expect? Here’s a typical ‘week in the life’ of the Fast Beach Diet for me, together with approximate calorie counts (your schedule will, of course, differ, but notice the amendments I’ve made to take in as much exercise and as many ‘good’ habits as possible).

Non-Fast Day
HIT Day 1

Morning: toast and honey (I have wholemeal bread and stop at one slice rather than my habitual two), peppermint tea, half a mango with lime

Afternoon: Sunday lunch with the family at the pub (I order a child’s portion of roast beef and don’t have pudding), followed by a proper, long walk with the dog on the Downs; we race each other to the top of the hill

Evening: I’m not particularly hungry in the evening, so I have veggie soup from the freezer, with a slice of wholemeal bread and a bit of goat’s cheese. Once the kids are in bed, instead of watching TV, I do a HIT session on the exercise bike. Then I watch TV

Total calories: approximately 1,600 – no need to count every calorie, just be gently ‘aware’
Total exercise: long walk and HIT


Fast Day 1

Morning: porridge and berries for breakfast, black coffee; half-an-hour of stretching and strength exercises

Afternoon: no lunch. I’m a bit hungry, so I eat an apple, pips and all. More black coffee, peppermint tea. Busy at work, time flies

Evening: harissa-spiced chicken breast with a huge pile of salad – lots of different leaves and seeds. Early to bed; tomorrow’s another day

Total calories: 500
Total exercise: stretching and strength exercises


Non-Fast Day

Morning: scrambled eggs and a wholemeal tortilla for breakfast. I take the dog for a brisk walk along the beach, walking fast enough to be slightly out of breath

Afternoon: out for lunch with friends. I walk rather than drive, just for a change (no parking fee!). I order baked cod with cherry tomatoes and Puy lentils, no bread, no pudding. Fizzy water with fresh lime

Evening: Pilates class 6pm. Family supper of spaghetti bolognaise. I have a small portion, and fill half of my plate with veg – broccoli, sugar snaps and peas. Natural yoghurt with toasted hazelnuts and a swirl of honey

Total calories: around 1700 – again, no need to be particular about counting
Total exercise: walking the dog, walking all day (no car), Pilates class


Non-Fast Day
HIT Day 2
Meat-free day

Morning: porridge with cinnamon and nuts for breakfast, black coffee, water

Afternoon: a busy day at work, so I have lunch at my desk: sashimi and edamame from Yo! Sushi and a sachet of miso soup, plus plenty of sparkling water

Evening: not as hungry as I was expecting. I have cauliflower cheese for supper, but no crispy bacon. I don’t have seconds. Half a cantaloupe melon, some blueberries and handful of almonds. A session of HIT – uphill running, 15 minutes – followed by half-an-hour of yoga

Total calories: around 1200
Total exercise: HIT session, half-an-hour of yoga


Fast Day 2

Morning: I have an early work meeting – so I arrange to have it on the move down by the seafront, not at a restaurant. No breakfast, but plenty of water and chamomile tea

Afternoon: No lunch

Evening: Tuscan summer bean soup and a small portion of Thai beef salad (see chapter 7). Stretching and strength exercises (star jumps, push ups and plank), half-an-hour of yoga, then early to bed

Total calories: 525
Total exercise: walk along the seafront, take stairs not lifts all day, stretching and strengthening exercises, yoga


Non-Fast Day

Morning: breakfast on the go as I have to catch an early train – small fruit salad pot and instant porridge from M&S, black coffee from Pret

Afternoon: no time for proper lunch, but grab some oat cakes, an apple and Gruyère cheese; plenty of sparkling water. Don’t take the Tube, but walk between meetings. Take the stairs (quickly) at the station. I buy a green juice on the way home

Evening: takeaway curry with the family. I have a chicken tikka with plain rice, not pilau, and tarka dahl (lentils) and okra (ladies’ fingers). No naan

Total calories: around 1700
Total exercise: stair climbing and pavement walking


Non-Fast Day
HIT Day 3

Morning: quick session of HIT before breakfast to see what ‘fasted training’ feels like. Quite hungry afterwards, but make a point of not eating fast-release carbs. Have poached eggs on slice of toast, followed by yoghurt and chopped pear. Black coffee

Afternoon: dog walk on the Downs. Lunch with the kids – we have a tricolore salad – avocado, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach leaves. I leave the bread and pud to the children, but

have a small handful of grapes and pistachios with my peppermint tea.

Evening: out with friends – decide not to stay out for dinner (I have grilled salmon with green beans and olives – ‘O’Kelly fish’ – at home) and go to the movies instead. I drink water, not fizz, and share a small bar of Green & Black’s Maya Gold (rather than buying the big size)

Total calories: around 1600
Total exercise: HIT cycle session, dog walking

You’ll notice that there’s no alcohol and not many snacks on my list. Remember, this plan is only six weeks long. You can do it.