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Keeping Your Bitcoins Safe

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When it comes to Bitcoin, security is going to be extremely important and something that you are always going to want to think about when you are using Bitcoin.

The banking system is going to be like a garden that has been walled in. there is not going to be much that is going to happen to the money other than you are using it each day. Your bank is going to be responsible for making sure that the money is safe whenever you put it in their institution. So, if something goes wrong, your bank is going to have a number that you are going to be able to contact so that you can get the issue fixed or a chargeback initiated. You will not need to worry about any special procedures or backups when it comes to how your money is going to be handled. The only thing that you are going to have to worry about is spending your money on what it needs to be spent on.


But, this is going to be different when you are using Bitcoin. The biggest issue you are going to that a vast majority of consumers will not be used to the big shift that is going to occur when the responsibility for their money is shifted to them. This causes people to lose a lot of money even though they do not do it on purpose. It often happens because of simple mistakes that you are not going to know about until it happens. Plus, you are not going to be able to contact anyone once this error has been made so that your error can be fixed. When it comes to Bitcoin, you are going to be your own bank, and it will be on you to make sure you are taking care of the security of your Bitcoins.

Basic rules

It is not hard to go to your local newspaper and find a story about someone losing Bitcoin because of human error, technical error, or someone steals them. But, there are a lot of mistakes that you are going to be able to prevent by following some basic rules.

When you are using an online service such as the Bitcoin trade, you are going to need to be using a two-factor authentication. If you are not using a two-factor authentication, then anyone is going to be able to gain access to your account and steal your coins. The only thing that they are going to need is your account password. The scary thing is that this happens a lot. Attackers are going to get your password through a wide variety of techniques that hackers use. It could take the hacker a minute to get your password, but they are going to get it eventually. You need to check your account management settings for the account that you are using so that you can turn on the two-factor authentication.

Tip: when you are going through and setting up your authentication, you will receive a secret key that is going to be tied to a QR code that you are going to be able to scan with your phone through a QR scanner. You are going to need to print out your code so that it is on a piece of paper that you can keep in a safe place that only you have access to. This is going to make it to where you can make sure that you are the only one who can get into your account even if you lose your phone.

Ensure that you have direct control of your Bitcoins. If you do not have the private key, then you are not going to have control of your coins. Being that coins are stored in a wallet, that wallet is also going to have a private and public key just like we discussed earlier. A public key will be the address that you can give out to people so that they can send you coins. If you do not have your coins to the address that you have control of directly, then they are not going to be in your control. When that happens, you are going to end up losing the coins forever.

You should keep regular backups of your wallet. You should not have to be told to keep backups of your wallet, but there are going to be some people out there that do not think to back up their wallet. You should make backups with any critical data that you are working with, especially when that data is going to be dealing with money. It is an innovative idea that you have a safety net that is going to allow you to place your data on a hard drive just in case you lose your computer to a natural disaster or it crashes. Once your coins are gone, they are gone forever. No one else is going to get those coins; they are going to vanish into a space that no one is going to have access to.

Tip: you are going to need to look up a hierarchical deterministic wallet that is going to enable you to perform a single time backup. This backup is going to make it to where there are twelve to twenty-four simplehuman words that you are going to have to write down and place in a safe place so you can access it later. This will make it to where you are not going to be required to do regular backups.

Security challenges with Bitcoin

There are financial regulators that are figuring out that Bitcoin is going to have some significant financial losses when it comes the financial stability of the programs. Some of these liabilities include:

The distribution of the ledger system which is unregulated at this time by any financial regulators. Take for instance that there are some systems that are going to be more vulnerable to fraud caused by the collision of network participants.
An increase in trading delays. It has been clocked that most negotiations are going to take around forty-three minutes to complete.
There is the concern that Bitcoin could become a currency that is used by terrorists and cyber criminals which could end up to the government shutting Bitcoin down.
There are some negotiations that have not been able to be completed which causes them to remain unverified forever.

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