encouragement from Fast Diet fans

Tanya, 41, Berkshire
73lb lost in a year

‘At my heaviest, I weighed 17st 6lb! I was so big; I couldn’t see how I could ever return to a healthy weight. I’d tried other diets and hated the feelings of guilt when I ate something “naughty”. I used to give up and eat more. It was a vicious circle.

‘Then, I heard about the 5:2 diet and on January 7th 2013 I started Intermittent Fasting. Initially I did a combination of 5:2 and some weeks 4:3. As the weight came off, the better I felt about myself and the more energy I had. I started walking with a friend on the days I was fasting. This kept me motivated; I used to visualise the differences to my appearance and also the health changes taking place within my body. I’ve heard that to break a habit (in my case eating) you need to replace it with another habit; mine became fasting.

‘I now weigh around 12 stone. That’s another thing that’s changed; I’m less obsessed with the scales and more interested in how I feel and how my clothes look on my changed body. I have taken the control back over what I eat and when. I understand my body more, know that I have made a massive difference to my health and feel absolutely fantastic!’

Louise Davey, 47, Australia
13lb lost in 10 months

‘I have lost six kilos doing 5:2 since April last year. I heard an interview on the radio, downloaded the documentary, went and bought the book. The rest is history. Thanks, Michael. I will be doing this for life now. At first it was to lose some weight, but having watched the documentary online, my main reason for doing the Intermittent Fasting is mental/brain health. Coming from a family with Alzheimer’s, I do not want to go down that road. This is good motivation in and of itself, but I do love a challenge. So, making interesting meals and working out how to get through a day is also quite fun. Along the way I have also found many others who do it and have convinced a lot of my friends that this is the way forward if you want to live a long and HEALTHY life.’

Jeanne White, 42, San Francisco, USA
10lb lost in 8 months

‘Like many Fast Dieters before me, I’m sure, I fell into this diet, or rather, way of life, after reaching a point that nothing else I was doing was really making a difference. At 42, with two school-age boys, a husband, a home and a full-time job, I felt like I was always on the go and didn’t give much thought to calories. As a decades-long non-meat eater, I felt I was “healthy”, but gave little thought to the popcorn, chips or goldfish crackers I’d snack on with my kids after school/work. After reading about the Fast Diet and watching the subsequent interviews with Dr Mosley, I thought I would give it a try. The first two days I chose, a Monday and a Wednesday, were difficult, I have to be honest! I recall being in the basement at work and looking at a stack of paper thinking, “I’m just going to have to eat the paper.” But, I stuck through it, read everything I could find on the Fast Diet, joined the Facebook page, etc., and came up with a meal plan that started working immediately.

‘I’ve lost a total of about 10lb since June 2013, and I’ve continued with the programme to maintain this healthy weight. Better yet, I feel great too, full of energy, able to last through rigorous yoga classes, and sleeping like a baby. I am an absolute creature of habit, and am quite content eating relatively similar things daily, so the Fast Diet is easy for me to stick with, as I’ve found items that are easy to cook and that I genuinely enjoy.’

Glory Puljak, 39, Australia
Over 3 stone lost in 8 months

‘It’s been 8 months now and I’ve lost 20kg! It just keeps falling off! This has never happened to me before. I have never been able to shift this much weight! I love it so much because I can still have my Friday night drinks and some dessert on the weekend and my social life doesn’t suffer because of it. I feel so healthy, have so much energy and I feel so switched on. This, for me, is a life change that I will continue to do for ever! I cannot thank the Fast Diet enough! I also need to add that I walk or jog every day! This just helps me clear my mind and get my heart pumping.’

Joan Rijkels, 67, The Hague, Netherlands
Over 2 stone lost in 18 months

‘In January 2012, I went to the doctor for a check-up and was told that I had an 18% chance of contracting a heart or vascular disease; at 20% they prescribe medication to lower cholesterol. My cholesterol level was 6.5 and I weighed 89kg. At 66 years old I decided to make a change to lead a healthier life.

‘In August of 2012, I saw Michael Mosley’s documentary on Intermittent Fasting. I started immediately. In January of 2013, I bought the book.

‘Now it is January 2014, and I weigh 69.7kg. My cholesterol levels have dropped from 6.5 to 3.5 in two years. Also, I have arthritis and my BSE levels (blood sedimentation rate for erythrocytes) which never dropped below 6 for years, dropped to 2 after just six months on the diet.

‘This diet has brought benefits to many people in my family: my sister’s cholesterol hasn’t been this low in 10 years. My other sister and her husband are both on the 5:2 for health benefits as opposed to weight loss, but she has lost 8-10kg, whilst her husband’s cholesterol has dropped dramatically. My son-in-law had a triple bypass when he was 30 because of cholesterol problems and within five months of this diet has lost 15kg! My daughter has lost 10kg as well… the list goes on!

‘Fasting feels great and I tell everyone that the reason it’s sustainable is that if you don’t manage to stick to 500 calories on one day… there’s always tomorrow!’

Sandi Mueller, 70, Colorado, USA
19lb lost in 10 weeks

‘Your diet is the most amazing programme I have ever been on. After 10 weeks, I have lost 19lbs. More importantly, I feel terrific! I have had sinus problems and chronic bronchitis all my life. Now, my sinuses are clear and I can breathe freely. I am 70 years old and I have not felt this vibrant in decades. My 73-year-old husband has lost 20.8lbs and I am certain that his cholesterol level has dropped. His cardiac specialist will be astounded. My sister, who told me about your diet, was able to reduce her pre-diabetic glucose level from 100 to 86 in five weeks. Our youngest daughter with IBS has been symptom-free since her second week on your diet.

‘Thank you for taking the time and effort to discover this revolutionary programme. I call it the Fountain of Youth Diet. We all plan to continue this diet for the rest of our lives. You have brought health and hope to millions of people worldwide who could only look forward to a bleak future before your remarkable discovery.’

Ruth Ellis, 45, Yorkshire
3 stone lost in a year

‘I chose the Fast Diet for its potential long-term benefits. The fact that it also helps you lose weight was an added bonus. In 12 months I have lost 8 inches off my waist and more than 3 stone in weight. My husband is doing the diet along with me and he has lost over 4 stone.

‘On Fast Days, stir-fries and Asian-style soups are our favoured choice, with plenty of vegetables and some protein (chicken, lean meat, prawns, squid, fish). Using spices, herbs and garlic helps to boost the flavour and keep it interesting. I prefer to save most of my calories for the evening meal as I find that if I have something to eat earlier in the day it makes it harder to fight the cravings. I also sleep better if I’ve had a decent evening meal. If you find yourself feeling light-headed during a Fast Day it’s often due to your sodium levels dropping, so a small pinch of salt often sorts that out. The morning after a fast I find it best to have either a protein-based or wholegrain breakfast and not overload on the carbs. When I first started eating this way, I would often overcompensate and eat too much on the non-Fast Days, but over time this settled down and it has helped me to regulate my appetite on other days. I don’t worry about calories on non-Fast Days, but I make wiser choices, rarely snack, don’t overload my plate and no longer have such a sweet tooth.’

Susie White, late-fifties, Northumberland
Lost 2 inches around waist in 18 months

‘At a yearly Well Woman check-up I was told my waist measurement put me just in the “red” and that I should eat less and exercise more. The health warnings were there. I felt pretty down because I eat healthily anyway, garden almost every day and walk quite a lot. For a post-menopausal woman, it is very easy to feel depressed about putting on weight, especially round the middle. I felt it was a gradual process and that it was becoming very hard to reverse.

‘The Horizon programme came at just the right time; I was impressed by Michael Mosley’s scientific approach, and decided the very next week to go for it. It’s not so much the thought of living longer but the thought of living fitter and hopefully being a bit less likely to get diabetes or dementia.

‘Initial weight loss made me feel so uplifted. There was an immediate feeling of having more energy and my brain feeling sharper. I’ve followed the Fast Diet ever since, twice a week, except for one day a week over Christmas and New Year. I didn’t have loads to lose and I’m very happy with losing a stone. It’s the reverse of the depressing downward spiral of putting on weight. Feeling fitter and leaner gives me the spirit to go on fasting. I’m not exaggerating if I describe the Fast Diet as changing my life.’

From Twitter:

Started @TheFastDietBook 1yr ago & lost a stubborn 23lb. Wish the 20 yr old 5-stone heavier me knew what this 40-something does!


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FastDiet 4 months, 32 fast days, 48000kcal not consumed, 17lb lost, 3 BMI points dropped, #SkinnyJeansOn


I’ve been doing this 4 weeks, have lost 4 kilos, and my bloke has lost 5. Also healthier. It’s wonderful


Thanks for your inspiration. Started in Sept and just passed the 3st lost mark! #doesnotfeellikeadiet


I call it my Guiltless Diet, on my 5 days of normal eating I don’t beat myself up if I have an indulgent day. Easy dieting