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Blood Type Diet

How the Blood Type Affects Diet
The blood type diet has gained in popularity over the past two decades since Dr. Peter D’Adamo first came out with his book 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets, Eat Right 4 Your Type. While the existence for the need for such a diet remains controversial, you will find strong advocates for it along with their blood type theories. However, at this point and time, there has been no actual scientific or medical research in depth to prove or disprove the theories that a person should stick with a particular diet based solely on their blood type. You can find plenty of support in the theory, just run an internet search about this and see all the websites that stand behind the theory that each blood type needs a certain type of diet.

Since we are discussing the blood type diet, it helps to know the different blood types. We will touch on different types for introduction purposes. First, the blood type is measured from the antigens, the proteins that exist on red blood cells. The blood types O, A, and B are the most common. When a person is blood type A only the type A antigens resides on the surface of the red blood cells. The same goes with type B. Type AB contains both.Blood type O contains neither. There is a third antigen called the Rh factor and it either exists or does not, thus you have the “positive” and “negative” ratings of blood types. Of all the blood types, “O positive” is the most common in the world, with A being a close second.A naturopathic physician name Peter D’ Adamo is the pioneer who first came up with the blood type diet theory, devising an entire diet system around a person’s blood type. Many others follow along with the blood type diet theory that the need for a particular diet for each blood type has evolved through the years due to the changes in the environment and in people’s methods of obtaining food. He proposes that if a person eats certain foods that go against their blood types they will become weak and the result can show up as diseases and even weight gain.